Our thanks to all of our readers, and special thanks to those of you who take time to write a review!

Five * Review at Barnes and Noble for the Gingezel Series:
"EXCELLENT: This series is so riveting that I find myself getting less and less sleep every night. So many well meshed story lines that are all weaved together perfectly. The end of this book really snuck up on me. Thank goodness I already have book four." Our thanks to this unknown reader! We're glad you enjoyed the series.


5* Review at Barnes and Noble :
"Where Do I Begin? This is like nothing I have ever read before. It is Sci Fi but no space battles or Alien monsters. It is character driven. Characters that you really care about who just happen to live and work in other galaxies. It is hard to explain why I am enjoying this series so much but I am well into the third book and still loving it.

Warning: Each book is a cliff hanger so be prepared to end up buying all four of them like I did."


5* Review at Barnes and Noble:
"GREAT FINAL BOOK. I loved this series and will miss all of the wonderful characters, good guys, bad guys and those in between."


Review at Smashwords for Gingezel 1: The Limit:
“It’s always a good sign when I look for excuses to read a book instead of work. I found that with this book. I didn't want to put it down and my only disappointment was to get to the end and then have to wait for the next book to read what was going to happen next.”
C.M. at Smashwords

Now, we must note that C.M. is a relative, but we think he was being honest, not just being nice since he keeps asking for more books.

Reflections on an empty planet Gingezel science fiction art.

Reflections on an empty planet art.

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