An Octagla Team:

A team for this space sport consists of:
five forwards,
two defense,
and a goalkeeper.

The center forward is usually a small player. This gives the center the advantage of agility due to less mass and therefore more control of their angular momentum. This means they can push off big players easily to change momentum in a ricochet play, or they can be propelled by their larger teammates in a slingshot play. They can also have the longest shifts in the court as their jet pack lasts longest.

The left and right wingers are larger players. This gives them harder shots because of the ratio of their mass to the ball mass. They are more stable than the center receiving a pass, and are more difficult for the defense to stop.

The defense are massive, among the largest athletes in the galaxy. This gives them the stability they need to stop opposing players, and the strength for hard end-to-end passes. Their size is essential for slingshot plays.

Goaltenders vary considerably in size and style of play, as coaches differ in their assessments of the relative importance of agility, mass, and reach. Focus, quick reflexes, and coordination are essential to stop a projectile coming at over 150 km/h from any angle.