Galactic Octagla League
The Franchises for this Space Sport are:

Ennup 10: Rough, tough, usually a contender for playoffs
Laurion: Stable, mid-ranked
Pendrae Suns: Usually end up the kingmakers, fading in the playoffs
Pendrae United: Tough, always in the top 3
Plenata: In the last century they have always been low in the rankings
Rujjipet: One of the founders, in a slump at the time of the Gingezel series.
Surana: The source of exceptional talent but usually mid-ranked as a team
Tamara: The dream team, always in the top 3
Terra: A founder, mid-ranked
Tranus: Volatile, up and down in rank

Each team plays the other teams six times in a season. Visiting teams stay for one week, playing three games, so each team visits each other team once in a season. In addition to travel time, time is allowed when they arrive to spend three days planet-side to avoid space sickness. Thus groups of games are roughly one week apart. This is a distinct advantage in that it also allows the players to recuperate from the previous group of games.

The top four teams make the playoffs, which consists of two best-of-seven semifinals, and a best-of-seven final. The first three games of the semifinal series are played at one planet, then there is the normal week of travel as in the regular season. The remaining games are at the other team’s home planet. Thus the semifinals take four weeks: two weeks to play the games, two to travel. The finals are played two games at one planet, two games at the other planet, and if needed two on the first planet, then the final game on the other planet.

Other Octagla Leagues
In addition to the galactic league, there are planetary leagues for this space sport on most planets. Often the galactic teams have farm teams on several planets.

There are also both galactic and planetary pro women's octagla leagues.