The intent of the character directory is to make it easier to pick up the series again as novels are released. Characters are listed both in the first name last name format (Mitra Kael) and last name first name format (Kael, Mitra) along with a brief description of the character. Minor characters are in small print. As we create them images are being added for the characters. Any resemblance between the character images and any person living or dead is strictly coincidental. These are artist portraits created by the authors to match their imaginings of the characters using Photoshop and/or DAZ3D..

Panasi, Marti Fashion designer, owner of the Tamara Octagla team, member of the Gingezel Consortium.

Papa Ikof aka Korikofsky, Jazz musician (horns). Currently in the Anton Band.

Paulo Zouaf.
Galactic star as a jazz musician (strings). Currently in the Anton Band.

thumbnail Dreen Pendi portrait Gingezel scifi Pendi, Dreen. PhD. in Computing Science. Founder and CEO of Nemizcan Computing which provides customized business interfaces and software suites throughout the galaxy. Currently working on designing the Gingezel UltraSecure Hyperweb. Tranus. On Gingezel.

Pendi, Gemma. Dreen's mother. Award winning Iris breeder.

Pendi, Oren. Deceased. Dreen's father. Founder of Pendi Industries.

Pennell, Nevin. Megadeveloper on Tranus. Currently planning a deep space station for Genies.

Pery, Drummer for Anton Band

Philomena Software Analyst working on the Drezvir mining interface

Plyn, Greg executive assistant to Ari Dellmaice

Krysta Prodor, a character in the Gingezel Octagla scifi series.Prodor, Krysta. Ventilation systems maintenance Pendrae Space Station

Ralin Heusgar. Head of Security for Gingezel

Rall Octagla Hall of Fame. Father of Larr

Ranga, outer left wing Tamara Octagla, Gingezel sci fi.Ranga Kulgalu Hot underaged Octagla winger. Tamara hopes to sign him in the underaged draft in the Gingezel series. They have in the Octagla series.

Rhea Enlis, MSc. Astrophysics. Genie pilot, formerly on the Genie racing circuit flying partners with Eli Heron.

Ridge, Kenof. Sports color commentator. Was an Octagla playe

Roban an Octagla player in Gingezel Sci Fi.Roban Vigell. Star winger for the Tamara Octagla team. Recovering from a shattered hand.

Roddy. Rock face miner Drezvir.

Rodd Turpene VP of Marketing at Nemizcan Computing

Rori Chekar. Works at yacht rental in the Crescent Bay marina. Husband of Mai

Rostin Olan, Planet Manager for Drezvir.

Roween Kael. PhD. in Biophysics specializing in genetic engineering. Professor and consultant to terraformers. Plenata

Rydler, Collan, BA, CPA. Financial analyst, venture capital advisor. Plenata.

Sam Ieono. MSc. Computer Science. Software and hardware in the early days at Nemizcan Computing. Currently with Dellmaice Power Systems Pendrae.

Sander Dellmaice. Youngest son of Ari and Naura. Toddler.

Sanja Telmi. Financial portfolio manager and futures trader. Plenata

Scherr, Harvey. Interior designer

Sinda, female pop musician. Mix of pop and romantic crooner style.

Sirken,Loana, programmer at Nemizcan Computing. Hacker

Smythe, Marik Senior designer Tranus Dynamics

Daron Soimvell, an Octagla player in the Gingezel Sci Fi series Soimvell,Daron. aka Superstud. Octagla center for Tamara. Also heir to the Soimvell interplanetary shipping empire. Tamara.

Soimvell, Devan. Head of Soimvell shipping. Chief enforcer for Ghen Kulgalu.

Soimvell, Elvira MBA. Sister of Daron. Shipping expediter for Soimvell Shipping.

Soimvell, Moffgin Daron's mother. Head accountant at Soimvell Shipping

Maras, Octagla defenseman in the Gingezel Octagla Scifi seriesSorrito,Maras Octagla player for Tamara. Defense.

Sun, Johnny. Crooner. One of the top performers in the galaxy. Friend of Joran Lantonnel.

Szatt, Fred M Chem Eng. Responsible for the on planet fuel manufacture for the hybrid reactor.

Tafi Nellar. Youngest daughter of Gali and Keya

Telmi, Sanja. Financial portfolio manager and futures trader. Plenata

Tessa Clinder. Daughter of Lilla and Blayne. 11 at the time of Gingezel 1. Drezvir.

Tina Kern. PhD in Computer Science. Co-founder of ContSaft, a company specializing in computer systems for high risk applications. Tamara.

Brys Toleman, hacker in the Gingezel Sci Fi Series Toleman, Brys. Self trained hacker from the labor class on Ennup 10. Employed by Nemizcan Computing to work on the Gingezel UltraSecure Hyperweb. Tranus and Gingezel.

Tomao. Concierge at the Sandy Cove Hotel, Crescent Bay, Gingezel

Torin. Galactic Octagla superstar. Roof runner, center. Forced to retire with head injury from a slingshot play.

Torson, Arn. BSc. Astrophysics. One of the original Genie racer pilots. Now crews on the Allegro.

Trebur Auta, PhD. Waterborne contaminant transfer through amorphous aggregates expert in for the Farr Sector Environmental Protection Agency. Assigned as the Judiciary Representative for the Drezvir investigation.

Tranngol Cebron. PhD. Head of Risk and Safety for Dellmaice Power Systems.

Trevarr Hendor, co-owner of the Crescent Bay Sports Medicine Clinic, Crescent Bay, Gingezel. Marathon runner.

Trave, Milton Senior Designer at Tranus Dynamics who ends up in management. Chett's first boss.

Turpene, Hana Rodd's wife

Turpene, Rodd VP of Marketing at Nemizcan Computing

Steel City scifi art by Gingezel

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