Gingezel sci fi is science fiction by Canadian husband and wife scientist author team Donald S. Hall, PhD. and Judi Suni Hall, PhD. There is a strong focus on the characters and the technology they create. They currently have published two series, Gingezel, and Octagla.

Our books are available at most online book stores as ebooks including Amazon, Apple, and Smashwords. Most of them are now
free. There may also be digital versions in your local library. Print versions are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a few other places.

The Gingezel Series:
What do you do when your reactor overpowers placing an entire mining colony in peril? Join Mitra, the reactor designer, Dreen, Joran and Chett as they deal with this accident. The books are written from the point of view of the designers of the power system, the colonists, and the analysts brought in to determine the cause of the accident.

Cover Gingezel 1: The Limit Gingezel Scifi. Cover Gingezel 2: Bad to worse
Cover GIngezel 3: Fault, a science fiction novel Cover for Gingezel 4: Hacker epic science fiction by Judi Suni Hall and Donald S Hall.

Five * Review at Barnes and Noble for the Gingezel Series:
"EXCELLENT: This series is so riveting that I find myself getting less and less sleep every night. So many well meshed story lines that are all weaved together perfectly. The end of this book really snuck up on me. Thank goodness I already have book four." Our thanks to this unknown reader! We're glad you enjoyed the series.

The Octagla Series:
Octagla is the ultimate space sport, a fast paced hybrid of hockey and lacrosse played in a weightless court.Tamara is out for the impossible a three-peat of the Galactic Octagla Championship.

Cover Octagla 1: Slingshot Play a sci fi novel by GingezelCover Octagla 2: Rematch scifi at Gingezel

You will find sci fi art at the bottom of most pages, as well as in the gallery. This one is called Blue Whenever:

Blue Whenever surreal art by Gingezel.

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